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 Spring 2008 NEWSLETTER

We had a very tight budget last year, but managed to make it without going into the red.

You will notice a modest increase in annual dues this year.
The increase is necessary to cover rising costs and provide more of the services you have requested. For example, we have
budgeted 12 police patrols for 4-hours per patrol and improved landscaping at the front entrance.

The dues are now $90 per year and must be paid no later than April 30.
There is a $10 discount for paying early by March 31.
Our dues continue to be the lowest in the area as you can see below.

Brooks Hickory Hollow $ 90
Bay Colony $125

City of Fincastle $259*
Bluegrass Fields $125

Craig’s Creek $160
Brownhurst Manor $125

Eagles Cove $ 90
Brownsboro Glen $200

Hickory Hollow $100
Chamberlain Place $200

Silver Creek $216
*Fincastle is the average per home paid as property taxes.

BHHCA does not make endorsements of any kind.
Recently, a Realtor sent a mailing using a return label that had our name and address on it, giving the impression
it came from us. The Realtor did this without the board’s knowledge or permission. We contacted the Realtor and
she has agreed not to do it again.

May 19 - Community-Wide Yard Sale
October – Annual Homeowners Meeting*
*The Annual Meeting will be moved from August to October.
We will announce the specific date once it is determined.

The new crime watch signs are posted at each entrance.
We are still setting up the notification process, but anticipate email being the primary method. There have
not been any alerts from the police, but please continue to turn on outside lights, keep your vehicles locked,
and report suspicious activity and crimes to the police.

•Please keep your property neat and attractive with regular mowing and trimming of lawns, ditches, and
areas behind fences. It’s against the law to allow grass/weeds taller than 10 inches and any such violations
will now be reported to Jefferson County for enforcement.

•All vehicles must be parked in your garage or driveway.
Street parking is not allowed except for a few hours for temporary guests/situations.

•Boats, trailers, etc. are not allowed unless they can be parked in a closed garage.

•Please don’t throw trash or yard waste in the ditches or creek. It can cause drainage problems and is illegal!

•New Chain link fences are NOT allowed. Only those members with existing chain link fences noted as of November 1, 2008 may keep them

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Who do I call to fix a street light that is out?
LG&E at 589-1444. Have the address of the home next to the light when you call.

2. I emailed a Board member last week and didn’t get a reply. What should I do?
Like you, the Board members have jobs, families, and sometimes go on vacation. We try to reply within a day or two, but you may have emailed when we are out of town. If you don’t receive a timely reply, contact another Board member for assistance.

3. What can I do about an abandoned car on my street?
You can report it to the Board or Louisville Metro Police, 8th Division, at 574-2258. The police can put a warning on
the vehicle and require it be moved in a certain amount of time or be towed and impounded.

4. How many homes are in our subdivision?
There are 240 homes in the Brooks of Hickory Hollow.

Board of Directors:

Kathy Wright, President – 412-2942
Barbara Boykin, Secretary – 412-5052
Loretta Boydston – 384-5880
Tony Newell – 326-3935

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